The Youth Uprise continues with the uncompromising Richard P Lloyd. A British Actor, Writer and Producer who refuses to be defined by his past. 

Ricardo is a self-motivated individual that is not bound by boundaries but is driven by purpose, vision and faith. Ricardo's theatre credits includes Fragile Things, Royal Shakespeare: Shakespeare walks, Shakespeare in the abbey and the critically acclaimed production Excluded.

Along with our special co-host Darren Oderinde, we touch on:

  • Ricardo's roller coaster journey through the industry so far
  • The journey of building ourselves as creatives
  • Dealing with rejection in the industry and in life in general
  • The importance of recognising the fact that art is not always about 'self'.
  • That Brit Awards performance by 'Dave'

Artsist Name: Ricardo P Lloyd

Inst, Twitter, Facebook: @ricardoplloyd


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